The KONEKTE teacher salary fund is essential in providing a continuity of education to the children of College Mixte Marius Carnold.  Many families cannot afford to pay even a few dollars a month in tuition leading to frequent absenteeism and high drop out rates. The average Haitian child spends less than 4 years in school. Secondary school attendance is below 30%. Haiti has the highest illiteracy rates in the Western Hemisphere.  

Most schools in Haiti are private and require tuition making it extremely difficult for many families to keep their children in school. Education is a priority for Haitian families and children frequently walk as much as an hour to get to school.  They also need money for books and uniforms.

A teacher is paid  between $150 and $200 a month.

Support a teacher - educate a classroom

Help us educate and empower children to become productive adults in their community with the necessary skills to participate in a challenging global economy.

Over the past 8 years donations have helped College Mixte Marius Carnold increase enrollment from 80 students to 200 and obtain much needed books and materials. Funding teacher salaries provides a continuity of education, resulting in improved exam results and an economic stability that benefits the students and the community.


With your support KONEKTE can help College Mixte Marius Carnold become one of the best schools in the area. It has already expanded from a one building school house to an educational campus with new classrooms for high school, a library, a vegetable garden, a basketball court and playground. It has reliable electricity, water and internet.