Improving education, developing community, building futures

We partner with two schools in the Ganthier region of Haiti. We pay teacher salaries at College Mixte Marius Carnold and fund construction projects and enrichment programs at CMMC and La Reference de Ganthier.


College Mixte Marius Carnold

KONEKTE has partnered with CMMC since 2011 funding teacher salaries. The school has grown from 80 to over 200 students, has reduced absenteeism and improved teacher retention. We have funded infrastructure improvements including bathrooms, electricity, a well, a vegetable garden, new classrooms for high school and a playground. We provide ongoing teacher training seminars in topics such as early childhood education, project based learning and science. We have supplied the school with much needed equipment such as furniture, books in French and English, educational toys, art materials and soccer equipment. 


La Référence de Ganthier

KONEKTE has been involved with La Référence since it started in 2012 with around 80 students. The school now has 300 students in 7th to 12th grades. We provided funds when the school needed to move to a new expanded location and have since contributed to the build of two more classrooms. We have donated books and materials. We fund a weekly art program and support a music program with instrument donations.  These enrichment programs set La Référence apart from other schools in the area.

Men Nan Men

This vocational school in Ganthier is a long term project of NJ based Foundation for Peace. The school has provided language classes to the community for four years and now offers computer training. Through its summer trip program KONEKTE teams have worked on the construction of this school for several consecutive years, seeing it through to completion. KONEKTE continues to offer teacher training, and business classes to staff and students at the school. 

Other work with communities

KONEKTE Partner School Program: linking schools and classrooms in the Princeton area with schools in the Ganthier region to promote cultural exchange and a shared learning experience.

Summer Trip program: see " Volunteer" 

Training and support programs: for teachers, young businesspeople.