We support educational programs at College Mixte Marius Carnold and La Reference de Ganthier that empower young Haitians to become productive members of  their community. We are  committed to funding teacher salaries at College Mixte Marius Carnold so students can stay in school regardless of their ability to pay, providing job security to the teachers, and hope to the community. We conduct teacher training seminars and workshops.

We lead groups of adults and students on summer trips to build ties with the Haitian community through construction projects, games, art, music and sport. Emphasis is on team work and cooperation in order to establish a genuine long term partnership with the schools and the community.


Haiti Facts


Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere

2 out of 3 Haitians live on less than $2 a day

Only 20% of schools are government funded

Haitians value education but do not have the money for school fees, uniforms or books

Unemployment is over 40%

In January 2010 Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake destroying many schools, homes and livelihoods

 The KONEKTE Team 


Anne Hoppenot

Anne Hoppenot is a native of France and has been sharing her passion for the French language, culture and literature at Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Princeton, for many years. Before starting her career as a teacher, she worked for 10 years in France for L’Oréal, and traveled all over the world for the company as an internal auditor and in finance. Her family has been helping Haitian children for more than a decade.  Anne was inspired by Paul Farmer's work in Haiti and visited the Ganthier area after the earthquake with NJ based Foundation For Peace.  It was during this trip that she decided to found an organisation to help the school College Mixte Marius Carnold and other educational initiatives in the area.  KONEKTE Princton Haiti was born.

Judy Sarvary

A native of England, Judy Sarvary has always enjoyed travel and connecting with people from other cultures. She has a degree in International Studies and work experience at IBM and as a journalist. She has spent the last 28 years raising her 4 children across the US and volunteering in a variety of roles from classroom aide to writer and fundraiser. Most recently she has worked and volunteered as an ESL tutor. She joined the KONEKTE team after the first group service trip in 2012 and was captured by the ability, enthusiasm and potential of the children and adults she met. She feels passionately about providing educational opportunities to all children.


People we work with in HAITI

Marius Diery, Director of College Mixte Marius Carnold

Diery founded Collège Mixte Marius Carnold in 2006 and named it after his father who believed in the importance of education to the future of Haiti. After the massive earthquake of 2010 thousands of families were relocated to the area around Fond Parisien and Diery opened his doors to many more children even though there was little space and most could not afford to pay. New Jersey based Foundation For Peace built a new school and the student body now approaches 150.


Staff of La Référence de Ganthier

The founders and staff of La Référence de Ganthier are a group of impassioned and dedicated young people who have put their own dreams aside to teach young Haitians. In just five years they have built a school of exceptional standards, educating over 300 students in 7 grades.


Michel Valentin, Haiti National Director, Foundation For Peace


Pastor Michel Valentin is the Director of Foundation for Peace in Haiti. He is a Haitian attorney and pastor. He is fluent in Creole, French, Spanish and English and is passionate about improving his country in physical, educational, spiritual and economic aspects.